How Well Is It Working for You?

“How well is that working for you?”

Dr. Phil McGraw’s famous saying is the essence of Neuro-linguistics. Basically, the question assumes certain important things:

  • That what you are doing IS working…
  • That you have the ability to judge how well it is working…
  • That you can make a change…
  • That you are getting something of value from what you are doing now…

The answer to the question is the key to making a change.

Perhaps you don’t know why your life is not working. Maybe you think your problems are the result of someone else’s actions/fault. Maybe you are confused or angry or sad or afraid…

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Sex of Ideas

Matt Ridley presents what I believe is a compelling argument for global connectedness, understanding, and cooperation. Especially as the global population of humanity grows, we no longer can afford the “luxury” of isolationism, war, and religious bigotry. At a level beyond, yet including the physical, sex makes great sense. Beyond pleasurable, it’s necessary. I really like Matt’s idea about the sex of ideas and how that specific sexual revolution has led humanity to where it is today – and will lead us into a hopefully brighter future. Yes, maybe it’s time for more sex!

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Manufacturing Mental Illness

Are the drugs used to treat mental illness working? Research shows that the number of people on government disability due to a mental illness has gone up dramatically, rising from 1.5 to over 4 million in the past 20 years. PBS’s “Need to Know” asks Robert Whitaker, author of the recent book, “Anatomy of An Epidemic,” about his analyses of scientific studies and what they mean for the future of mental health care in the US.

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Using Your Whole Brain

Every two to three hours our brains subtly shift from right dominance to left dominance and back again.

There are obvious advantages to using both hemispheres when addressing a goal or project. When both “people” in your head work together on a common goal, magical things tend to happen. The reason those magical things don’t happen more often may be because your brains are in conflict with each other. Bringing them together in a common direction may be all you need to do to get things moving in your life – moving in the direction of your goals.

Quite basically, you have one brain hemisphere that thinks in a linear fashion and is great for organization. The other is great for spatial, non-concrete thinking – creativity. To avoid total confusion, we humans will assign one brain hemisphere or the other to be dominant for any given task. Usually the dominant one is the one that was dominant the last time you did the task – not because it is better suited to the task, but purely by the luck of the draw – that was the one that happened to be dominant at that time.

That’s pretty haphazard if you ask me.

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Rapid Eye Technology and Genes

I used to think awareness of an issue was the key to resolving it. However, there is a level of human experience that exists and works far below my threshold of awareness every second of every day I’m alive – the level of my genes.

Trillions of times every second, my genes are expressing themselves all over my body – from the exact current size of my pupil to how many breaths I take per minute to my blood pressure to my overall mood. Those molecular transactions deep within each cell of my body, determine to a very large degree, who I experience as “me” second-by-second, instant-by-instant.

Long ago, scientists discovered how negative stress harms the body – underlying such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, overweight, and more. Now we know more about how perception of stress, particularly chronic stress, affects our DNA.

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