THE Manifestation Exercise

I know – everybody and their dog has an exercise that will magically change the world for you. And everybody says their exercise is the best and ultimate – especially if they want you to buy it!

Well, I’m offering this one free of charge. The only cost to you is your time, which if you will invest in yourself, will pay dividends immeasurable. I’ve shared this exercise before and some have even “tried” it. If today is the day you say “I’m making a change in my life NOW,” then now is the time to actually do this exercise – do it every day several times a day for the rest of your life!

Some people take pills every day – without fail. Maybe you are one of them – or maybe you take a vitamin supplement every day just to ensure proper body chemistry and optimize your physical well-being. If that is the case, then you know how easy it can be to make a daily habit out of doing something simple and quick.

I’m leading up to this exercise because I want you to get a sense of how easy yet powerful this one exercise is. It’s not a secret or magic elixir – although I would categorize it as magical and mystical. There is nothing for you to buy or prepare – no gym shoes or sweats to buy or get out of mothballs, although most of us could use a little more aerobic exercise…

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Because the exercise is simple and easy to do, you may feel that it can’t possibly do what I say it will do. The only way to find out for yourself is to do the exercise every day for 6 months – give it a real good test. After 6 months of doing the exercise every day, set a time for you to take notice of what is and has been happening in your life. Notice changes and why they changed.

To prepare you for the exercise I’m going to describe an exercise I did with a Life Skills class a few years ago. We were discussing the principle of Thought – that thought brings about manifestation in the physical. I suggested that we could move a chair in the room with nothing more than our thought. We chose a chair and where we would move it to – its orientation in the room and all. Once we were all agreed upon the result of our thought, I simply got up, went over to the chair, picked it up, and moved it to the location we had previously agreed upon.

“That’s silly,” you might say to yourself. “He moved it physically rather than with his thought – he cheated.” And you’d be completely right – and wrong! What caused the muscles in my body to move my body to the chair, lift the chair, and move it to another location? The magic of thought did that. For those people other than me who were simply thinking about the chair moving – they got their wish – the chair moved without them touching it in any way but with their thoughts. The instrumentation of the movement (my body getting up and physically moving the chair) was insignificant compared to the fact that the chair moved with only thought. The whole concept is amazingly powerful and, to those who “get it,” life-changing in the positive.

Taking responsibility for life is the key to conscious manifestation. You will manifest life whether or not you are aware of it. Taking charge of your life is merely a matter of taking note of it. We usually get tossed by the winds of life because we do not realize that it is we who are doing the blowing!

Alright. Enough preparation. Here is the exercise. Do it every day as often as you can remember to do it and at least once a day for the rest of your life – or at least 6 months:

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  1. Notice things around you and what they are doing (sitting on the desk, making a noise, moving up and down, stopped at a stop sign, etc.)
  2. Tell those things around you to do or be what they are currently doing or being (tell the car to be stopped at the stop sign just as it is doing now, for example)
  3. That’s it! Do this to as many items, people, and circumstances as you can in a few seconds (like 30 seconds to a minute – longer if you have time). You can even do this as a sort of mental gymnastics while sitting in a meeting or walking to work or talking with someone.

The important thing about this exercise is to DO IT! Do it often. Within a very short period of time you will begin to notice that you can “foretell” happenings. At first it will seem to you that you are foretelling the future of events – some have told me they thought they were developing their intuitive powers. Later you will understand that things are happening BECAUSE you are in charge of those happenings and things. You are in command.

I’ve used this simple exercise with clients who report feeling depressed, anxious, and in pain. In every case where the client has actually done the exercise daily they have dramatically reduced or eliminated their stress within a very few days.

Remember – this is not about guilt or blame – it’s about responsibility and power. Responsibility you already have and maybe have felt you could abrogate by blaming others, circumstances, or yourself. Interestingly enough, too, once a person realizes that s/he is in charge of the dimension, their perception of the dimension changes radically – they find themselves in a position of power and tremendous influence and wanting to do positive things with that power – they are at conscious choice, a condition few of us actually get to experience in this life.

And that makes all the difference.

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